Acrylic Plant Legged Trellis

Acrylic Plant Legged Trellis

Plants are the new kids and well, we are all for making sure our kids are thriving!

These trellis's are the shizzle if we don't say so ourselves.

Making sure the bush stays in one place.

Sizing: (Depends on shape of item)(Includes feet)

XS: 15  x 7.5
S: 30 x 15cm
M: 40 x 15cm
L: 52 x25cm

Please note this are in 3mm acrylic and if you would like them to be in bamboo, please mail us for pricing to
L: 52 x 25cm

  • Personalisation

    Please note this product has been handmade with love and although we can't gaurantee every single item will be identical, we can say we will try our darndest to get as close as possible.

    Due to this please note a lead time of 7-10 days can be expected to manufacture this product.

    As this is a handmade product and each piece is one of a kind, there might be a slight variation in the colors from the pictures.

    There might be slight burn marks on the pieces which is common for laser cut pieces. The burn marks do not affect the function of the product.